Hey y’all,


The Cooking Cowboy here. I am from Texas, and I like barbeque. It just comes with the territory. A couple years ago, my Cowgirl got me onto this paleo diet. Sounded alright to me. I eat a lot of meat and veggies, so it wasn’t a big change for me to make.  

But, I have been missin’ a real good BBQ sauce. The great thing about the paleo diet is we just find ways to eat the things we want to eat anyway. Just tinker away with a recipe for a while, and most folks can find a way to eat the things they want and still stick to their diet.  

I found a great recipe for Paleo BBQ sauce from Paleo Cupboard and enjoyed it on one of my favorites – Pederson’s Natural Farms No Sugar Kielbasa Sausage. Here are the recipes for my Paleo BBQ Sausage, complete with a paleo-friendly potato salad from Melissa Joulwan. See, I can still eat my favorite BBQ foods and keep the Mrs. happy, all at the same time.  

My thoughts for now…

Neil Dudley, The Cooking Cowboy