Cooking Your Holiday Ham

  It all starts with the raw materials. Hams are sorted, trimmed and hand selected within exact specifications. This reduces the variance in ham size and makes the ham more consistent in quality and flavor. This spiral-cut ham is fully cooked and ready-to-serve. If you wish to heat the ham, the USDA recommends pre-cooked hams […]


Orange Glazed Ham

The recipe is brought to you by our friends at The Real Food Dietitians!


Ghoulishly Good Dogs

Here’s a great Halloween treat the kiddos will love! Don’t fret moms, there’s nothing scary in these hot dogs! They’re all natural, 100% beef and contain no added sugar.  Our beef is raised without the use of growth stimulants and fed no animal by-products-EVER!


Whole30 Approved Stuffed Hot Dogs

Think of this recipe as the piñata of the Hot Dog world.  It looks like a regular old hot dog but it’s actually chock full of delicious goodies! Get creative and take a swing at these Whole30 approved treats!  You can stuff them with just about anything that is Whole30 approved.

savory paleo cupcakes

Savory Paleo Cupcakes from The Castaway Kitchen

Recipe contributed by The Castaway Kitchen.

creamy sweetpotato quiche

Creamy Sweet Potato Crust Quiche from The Castaway Kitchen

Recipe contributed by The Castaway Kitchen.


Whole30 Dogs

Let’s be frank, hot dogs are the perfect family meal. Kids love them, dads love to grill them, and, now, moms love the fact that they can feel good about feeding their families our all natural, 100% beef hot dogs because they contain NO ADDED SUGAR!  We grilled up a few yesterday for lunch, stuffed […]


Whole30 Stuffed Mushrooms – The Paleo Cowgirl

These Stuffed Mushrooms will please at any stage during your Whole30. And you can’t really go wrong with BISON!


Whole30 Taco Meat stuffed Butternut Squash – The Paleo Cowgirl

In Texas, where I am from, we eat a lot of tacos… I mean A LOT of tacos. So when one does a Whole30 and has to give up tacos, FOR A WHOLE MONTH! We find ways to eat “tacos.”  Thanks to the Everyday Maven blog for this inspirational recipe. If you miss tacos as […]

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